LightSense LED Is Weatherproof, Automatic,
and Zero Maintenance!

My wife and I both have night jobs. And we also have young kids. I know it’s a strange arrangement, but we need the two highly-paid night incomes, and we both can’t afford to change jobs.

That’s why we’re lucky that my wife’s mother lives with us and can take care of the kids while we’re working.

But she is in her late 70’s and sometimes I worry about bad things that could happen.

Our house is at the end of a long cul-de-sac, and it is very dark and quiet late at night. We live in a pretty safe neighbourhood, but lately, I’ve heard that there have been several break-ins and burglaries to other houses on the block.

I installed very strong locks, but we have a lot of windows, and I worry about other ways that a person who is up to no good could get into our basement.

There Were Strange Noises At
Night Outside Our House!

One day a few weeks ago, my wife’s mother told me when I came home that she had heard noises outside the house late at night.

The kids were sleeping, and she got up at about 3am and went to make herself a cup of tea before going back to sleep.

That’s when she heard the noises. She said it sounded like voices, and she even heard “banging”, like someone who might be tapping on our windows or walking around on our porch.

But she said when she turned on the kitchen lights, the noises stopped.

That’s why I thought it might have been people trying to break in.

My wife and I got REALLY worried.

My mother-in-law is 78 years old. My kids are 7 and 11 years old. I got the chills thinking about what could happen if some bad guy got inside the house while they were asleep!

I Decided To Install Outdoor Flood Lights That
Would Turn On When They Sensed Motion!

I figured if the burglars got scared away when they saw the lights come on in the house, a motion sensor floodlight would be a great idea.

I went to the big box store and took at look at the night time lights. There were a lot of them.

Some of them plugged into the house current and had sensors to light them up at night as soon as it became dark. Some of them had really strong lights that I’m sure would use up a ton of expensive electricity.

Some of them had complicated wiring that looked like it was going to be a lot of trouble to install. I didn’t want a big hassle.

So I didn’t buy the night lights at the big box store. I decided to go online and do some more research, and I discovered that one brand of lights was the highest-rated and easiest to install.

They were called LightSense LED Solar Light.


  • Solar panel absorbs sunlight and converts it into electrical energy during the day, and the power is stored in the built-in, powerful rechargeable battery.
  • Intelligent energy saving. No UV rays, environmentally-friendly.
  • Easy to install and requires absolutely no wires or maintenance.
  • Ideal for illuminating paths, decks, docks, boats, driveways, stairways, pavements, and so on.
  • Intelligent motion sensing. The lights come on when it senses movement, like a car or a person walking.
  • SUPER-BRIGHT, strong light floods the whole area.
  • WATERPROOF and WEATHERPROOF. Worry-free in rain or snow.
  • Runs cool. No danger of fire or burning.
  • Super-easy to install, no wires, totally self-contained.

I Ordered 3 LightSense LED Floodlights For My Home.

I was lucky I ordered when I did, because LightSense LED is so popular that they sometimes run out of stock.

Here’s my experience with LightSense LED:

  1. They were having a sale, so I ordered right away.
  2. It took about a week to arrive at my door, very securely packaged.
  3. The instructions were very simple. All I had to do was mount it.
  4. I put one above the porch, one on the garage, and one in the backyard.
  5. They charged during the day. That was it!!

LightSense LED Worked Great! And So Easy!

That night, after it was dark, I tested the light.

I opened the front door and walked out into the yard.

Immediately, the whole driveway was brightly lit and illuminated with bright light.

The same thing for the backyard and the garage.

I immediately felt better knowing that my house was no longer isolated in the dark!

Potential burglars will see the light come on when they approach, and it will scare them off. It was a win-win.

They were so easy to install. No wiring. They easily fastened onto our house, and the job was done.

LightSense LED Protected My House From A Burglary!!

Here’s the amazing part of my story. A few weeks later, two drug addicts broke into THREE houses on our block in one night.

They even had the audacity to break into houses where the owners were sleeping. They grabbed cash, pills from the medicine cabinets, valuables… in one house they even grabbed some bottles of wine!

I guess the homeowners were lucky that they didn’t wake up, or they might even have been injured or killed.

But one homeowner did wake up, but he waited until the burglars left and called the cops. They caught them red-handed outside with all the loot in a few minutes.

But here’s the really creepy thing. The cops came to our house the next day to interview us and see if WE had anything missing.

Thank God they hadn’t entered our house. BUT THE COPS FOUND THE BAD GUY’S CELL PHONE ON OUR PORCH!!!

OMG!! That means they were trying to get into our house! But LIGHTSENSE LED DETECTED THEIR MOVEMENT AND TURNED ON THE FLOODLIGHTS!

I guess they were so startled that they dropped their phone!! I give thanks every day that I had the foresight to install LightSense LED before there was a disaster.



And even better, they are running a discount promotion, where the low price is even lower, especially if you buy two or more. I ordered three; you might want more depending on which areas you want to cover.

LightSense LED is easy to install, there’s no cost for electricity, and they will work unaided for years and years. Don’t get some flimsy copy that might break at any moment, get the real LightSense LED and enjoy it for years!